NCS Clinical Team: Deb Lane providing CPR Training

Deb Lane leads a CPR Training

The Clinical Team is excited about the new NCS Newsletter as well as all of the updates to the NCS website.

Communication in the world of Nursing is critical and these tools will be a huge asset for sharing important information. The Clinical Team’s main goals are to support our staff and to provide ongoing education – of new and existing topics.

Communication with the facilities that we staff is just as important. The Team at NCS works hard to be sure that we can pass along to the staff the most up to date information regarding each facility. The more you know before entering a new facility, the fewer surprises you will encounter.

NCS Clinical Team: Shelley Schwedatschenko and Terry Smith

Shelley Schwedatschenko and Terry Smith

The Mandatory in-services continue through October and need to be completed by October 9, 2019. So please watch your emails for dates and times in your area. These in-services give us the opportunity to connect with the field staff; We strongly encourage you to share your experiences with the group as it is meant to be an open, positive learning environment.

The Clinical Team consists of Deb Lane, RN in the Central New York Office covering the Central and Western New York regions; Terry Smith, RN covering the Capital Region and Shelley Schwedatschenko, RN / Director of Clinical and Education who are both based in the Corporate Office in Albany. We have a combined total of 90+ years in the Nursing field, so please use us as a resource, you are why we are here. We at the Nurse Connection Staffing truly value our CNAs and Nursing Staff. We want everyone to feel supported, appreciated, and heard – you are not alone. Thank you for being a member of our Team!

Shelley Schwedatschenko RN