About Long-Term Care

Nurse Connection Staffing is a supplemental staffing agency providing highly skilled and trained Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). NCS works with clients to help staff long term care & assisted living facilities, hospitals, medical offices, school districts, correctional institutions, and government/not-for-profit and state agencies. With over 900 local healthcare workers, we have healthcare heroes for all your staffing needs!


Valid Certified Nursing Assistant certification, NYS license as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Professional Nurse

Reports to DON/ Administrator, Social Worker, Vice President of Facility

Expectations of the Role

  • Responsible for the smooth and efficient patient flow of the unit. Delegates assignment and provides supervision for the support staff in accordance with their level of training and patients acuity. Works, in cooperation with Medical providers to insure the quality of patient care
  • Patient centered care resulting in excellent customer service
  • Through the utilization of teamwork, exhibiting professionalism possessing a strong clinical knowledge base, compassionate, supportive and caring demeanor

Essential Job Function- Under the direction of the DON ADON’s the President, Vice President of Clinical Operations

  • Demonstrates competency and professional responsibility in Charge Nurse role
  • Performs comprehensive annual employee performance evaluations
  • Schedules staff meeting on a regular basis

Essential Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent service attitude and communication style
Warren Center

“Jessica is an absolute pleasure to have at Warren Center… She is very respectful, the residents and families love her, and she is a great nurse.”

Stephanie Merlow, RN, Director of Nursing
LTC Facility in Utica, NY

“We’ve been using Nurse Connection Staffing for some time now, and they have helped us tremendously with our staffing needs.

Their employees are such a pleasure to work with and are very reliable — always coming in with a smile on their face and acting as professionals.

The experience and care their staff have brought has been so much help to us, making the residents’ stay here better for them and their families. We couldn’t ask for better!”

Lindsay Jackson, LTC Facility in Utica, NY

“I’ve only been with the company for about a week now and the staffing team’s performance and professionalism is wonderful! They are quick, and always stay in contact! Your staffing team is pleasant and helpful when I call for any reason.”

Anonymous, Agency Field Staff

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