Staff Testimonials

We recently asked our staff “What do you like best about working for The Nurse Connection Staffing?”

The office staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.”
– Lanee, CNA

The office staff is understanding and works with me to find appropriate times and locations that work for my schedule.”
– Patty, LPN

The flexibility to go to different locations.”
– Crystal, LPN

Love the flexibility which allow me to go to school to further my career.”
– Elika, LPN

Consistency, availability and communication.”
– Tenequa, LPN

Treat their staff fairly, best agency I’ve ever worked for, very accommodating.”
– Gwen, CNA

Quick and responsive when scheduling shifts. Staffing team is great, wonderful, the best.”
– Adira, CNA

Always on-call, make sure you have hours; staffing department and office staff are very pleasant.”
– Tiffany, LPN


The agency has made my life ten times better and much happier and it also allowed me to enjoy my job more and still be able to spend time with my family…! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your company!”
– Rachel Facey, CNA

I applied to work at an agency for convenience. I can let you know the days and times I want to work and you guys make it happen. There are a number of places you can choose to work. This works great for me since I have my granddaughter Thursday through Sunday! So far, everyone I have talked to is awesome! I’ve been working with Angie in scheduling, she’s great!!! So far, every day I put in to work, she has got me booked for. I would suggested an agency job any day.”
– Stacy Shepard, LPN

Working as an agency nurse has changed my life, not only can I make my own hours and work as little or as much as I would like. I have paid off a vehicle and am working towards paying off old debt. I still have money left over to help family and friends when they need it. I am so thankful for the opportunity to help those who need it and to make my residents life a little brighter. It’s a blessing to work with and take care of the people I help.”
– Karen Haines, LPN

Angie Silvers goes above and beyond for the staff of our company. She will exhaust every avenue trying to find the right fit and to get the hours you need.

She will go to bat for her staff and back them 110% if there is a question and get to the bottom of the issue. When Angie says she is going to do something it gets done and most of the time in a timely manner. She is never afraid to take on any task no matter how big or small and she’s definitely afraid team player.

Angie is not only my go to staffing person but she is also someone I call my friend. She has stood beside me and backed me when I was in a bad spot. If it wasn’t for her pulling me into Nurse Connection Staffing I wouldn’t be part of the awesome company.”
– Angela Simmons, CNA

smiling female nurse

Working with the Nurse Connection Staffing agency has great benefits such as pay rate, flexible schedules, pay advances and the staffing team makes sure you are always able to get work. Overall, I must say, Nurse Connections has by far been the best agency I have ever worked with! Very polite staff and are always willing to help when needed. I greatly appreciate being a CNA and I wear my Nurse Connections badge proudly!”
– Marquita Jones, CNA

I work for several Nursing Agencies, and I must say that for the short time that I have worked for Nurse Connection Staffing Angie has been so professional and quick with answering all my questions as well as fulfilling my staffing needs! I love when a coordinator can send a message via email, text or call and respond quickly with my needs! When I call for an assignment she always gets right back to me! She does a great job!”
– Tonisha Davis, LPN

Besides the great flexibility agency has helped me grow as a nurse because every facility is different and of course you have your basic nursing skills but agency sends you to different facilities where you can learn and become a stronger smarter nurse. Agency also helps build relationships not just with co workers from the facilities you work at but with your staffers and recruiters. Agency has given me confidence and just makes me feel like I’m really giving back and helping those who need me. Agency has changed my life because it helped me with patience, some facilities are unprofessional but working agency for a while you learn how to go about dealing with difficult facilities or people. I am grateful to be able to work agency it has truly changed my life for the better.”
– Alexis Johnson, LPN

Working for an agency has allowed me to come back to where my heart is. I have been a CNA for 15 years and I took a break in 2017 to go back to school. Why you ask? Because I could not handle even per-diem because of being mandated. I felt like I could not be a CNA anymore. So I went to medical coding got my associate’s degree and hate the 9-5 because I am still missing out on kid related events. With working agency, I can work when I want to. So, if I have a kids thing at 10 am so maybe I can’t work at all that day or maybe I can pick up a second or third shift. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to make my own schedule as well as work as much or as little as I feel needed…And most of all have my dream job back. Where my heart feels whole and tight taking care of people hands on and not from behind the papers.”
–Angela Rickard, CNA

Working for an agency enabled me to continue being a mother while bringing in extra income for the family to be able to do fun things…like going to see a movie, going bowling, out to eat, and more. It helped my family grow together and eased our financial stress.”

I worked hospital and nursing homes in the past and was just tired if not being able to do much because of the weekends…..that was the only time all the family was together and I had to give 50% of that time up to work!”

Thank you for making life enjoyable again!”
– Leah, LPN

I’m writing to say Angie is by far the best scheduler I’ve ever had. She’s compassionate to my needs. Especially with my injuries and surgeries since I’ve been employed with The Nurse Connection. I honestly quit a higher paying job because I was being treated way better by my current bosses to work for Angie. She deserves recognition for her great service to her staff.”
– Ka’Ron Lightle

nurse aid with man in wheelchair

Agency has changed my life in a wonderful way. I originally became a CNA because my father was placed into a long-term care facility just like the ones we work for. I hope that for my hard work, dedication to my residents and love I give each and every one of them is being returned to my father. Agency plays a big role in me trying to reach my goal, I get the pleasure of working at several facilities and meeting and caring for so many wonderful people so this opportunity agency gives me is to broaden my care and hopefully it will come back around and my father will receive the care everyone deserves! Of course, the flexibility in a schedule is a great plus but that is the main way it has changed mine :)”
– Cheyenne Bourne, CNA

Working for a staffing agency has helped change my life because it’s helped me enjoy all aspects of my life. I enjoy being a CNA, so with an agency, I work where I want and where I want vs being in the same nursing home and being mandated. This availability gives me the chance to be home with my children and still enjoy the job I love most.”
– Kaylyn Loupe, CNA

Working through an agency has had a great impact on my life. It allows me to have my weekends off which is the time I like to spend with my kids, holidays off which is time I like to spend with my family, it allows me to try different facilities, and I love the flexibility.”
– Ericka Brumfield, LPN

Agency gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family. Being able to know that when an event happens you can attend either good or bad. Knowing I’m never going to be stuck at work has lowered my blood pressure and has made me a better man and nurse. Thanks for hiring me…try to be the best employee I can. Love Nurse Connections…especially Angie.”
– James Vavra, LPN

Working for an agency has changed my life because I am a single mother to two amazing boys. They are both in sports and different extra academics so I have to take them to all these things. Being able to take them and show my support of what they are doing is very important to me. I can schedule myself around there schedule and be home with them on the weekend to do family time. There is not enough time when you work at a facility. I appreciate the opportunity to work for this amazing agency. My family does as well.”
– Amanda Nellenback, CNA

nurse talking with doctor

Working for a staffing agency changed my life by allowing me to have Flexibility. I am able to be more active in my daughter’s life. Able to attend her school functions and activities. Allowed me to pursue my nursing degree. Working as a Agency nurse is very Beneficial for me and my family life. Proud to stay I am a traveling nurse!”
– Jaqun Bivens, CNA

I have been a CNA for almost 10 years. Until almost 2 years ago I was fulltime at a nursing home making a lot less money and being mandated all the time (including my first Mother’s Day). When I learned about agency I was instantly interested because of the flexibility and higher wages. It took a while to be in an area where nursing homes accepted agency staff but as soon as this option was available to me I switched and couldn’t be happier.”
– Juliea Foland, CNA

Angie has ALWAYS been great with my scheduling. She is always willing to fight for me through thick and thin and has been great to me through the first couple of months I have been with the company. She has an awesome attitude and she is a great person to talk to. She’s not all business – she even takes a moment to hear your everyday stuff. She’s great!!!”
– Nicole Harris, LPN

Working for Nurse connection has not only allowed me to be there for my children and their activities but it has allowed me to go back to school and not worry how I am going to feed my children.”
– Portia Daughtry, LPN

Agency has changed my life in so many ways. being able to make my own hours and work when I can has been a big help. I constantly have appointments for my kids, and being able to work my schedule around that has been helpful. I also enjoy being able to go to new facilities. I have met many great people this way, and made many new friends. Plus I am able to utilize all my nursing skills, and learn new computer systems. I have loved agency and all the freedom that comes along with it.”
– Desirae Towers, LPN

I have come to realize that in my 15 years of being a LPN that working for a agency is the only way to go. Making my own schedule has relieved me from so much stress that I use to endure, nurse connection in my opinion has the best staff by far, all my questions are answered in a timely fashion which I give the upmost respect for, keep doing what you do best.”
– Kirsten Entwistle, LPN