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Connect NCS with your healthcare heroes and earn extra money!

Referral Bonuses

The Nurse Connection Staffing will pay the following referral bonuses per discipline:


to all (active) employees who refer a



to all (active) employees who refer an



to all (active) employees who refer an


Referral Criteria

All referrals must meet the following criteria:

Criteria for individual referred to The Nurse Connection:

  • Individual must not currently be in The Nurse Connection application process through any other sources (i.e. Agency Referral, Ad Response, etc.).
  • Individual can not be a former The Nurse Connection employee.
  • Individual must be hired by The Nurse Connection.
  • Individual must work 23-hours within the first 90-days of employment.
  • Inservice, orientation and/or travel time will not be counted towards hours worked.

Criteria for current The Nurse Connection employee making referral:

  • The individual referred must note The Nurse Connection employee’s name on their application.
  • You must be active and work 7.5 hours within the first 90-days of the referred individual’s date of hire.
  • The bonus will be paid the week following the successful completion of all required hours worked by the referred individual and the Nurse Connection employee that referred the individual.

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