Career & Life 2.0: Climb over the obstacles …

“We can throw stones, complain about them, climb over them or build with them”. – William Arthur Ward

Pesky stones: Obstacles. People. Money. Work. Time.

We are all encumbered with the challenges of life like those listed above, and many more I am sure. We hear stories of people with seemingly overwhelming obstacles – lose of limb, physical impairment, horrible unbringing & lack of promise, the disenfranchised – and the list can go on.

What is inspiring to see is how many made the decision before themselves and their God to kick those stones that could be roadblocks out of the way or to climb over them and leave them behind so they could go on to happiness and greatness.

A true test of desire to achieve in life and career is the commitment to not complain about what could be in your way, but to conquer by using an obstacle as a motivation to achieve your goal. Complaining is easy; achieving takes commitment, hard work, tenacity and dedication to yourself, your family/community and to the one you worship.

In work, you may have that boss who tries to hold you back by putting obstacles in your way. Take that as a challenge and climb over by showing your true talent. It might be a patient/resident who is difficult; find their soft spot and climb over them through care.

A rockpile is built of many pieces that together form the obstacle. Take one stone away at a time, and the obstacle goes away. When is is possible, you grow, enjoy happiness and smile.